Alerann - White Tiger War

Session 1 - Reynor Under Siege
White Tiger War
The Party arrives in town

The merchant Sauven and his mercenary guard Conner had been travelling to Reynor to deliver much needed crop supplies to the town. Along the way the duo picked up a confused dwarf named Garni and a Cleric of Life named Izsák. Upon reaching the ruins of Old Reynor the group was accosted by a gnoll raiding party, the gnolls made off with a good portion of the supplies, however the party was able to safely deliver the remainder to the doorstep of the town.

In town, the gnome Maré had been skulking around town for some time. Upon seeing the party he took an interest and begun quietly observing.

Hark! A shitty plothook!

The remainder of this entry will be short because reasons.

The party enters Reynor and discovers that the blacksmiths daughter has been kidnapped by the gnoll raiding party. The party promised to get her back (for pay) and leave to deal with the gnoll annoyance. Under the cover of night and drizzle, the party snuck up to the main gnoll encampment and slaughtered them all.

Mission complete, Sauvin and Conner opt to return to Harkin to collect their pay. Izsak opts to stay with the party, believing he can further spread the word of Oris. Mare and Garni both decide to stay with the party so that they can further pursue their goals.


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