Inquisitor Lorthol

Inquisitor, skilled in hand to hand combat


Full Name: James Lorthol
Age: 27
Job: Inquisitor
Faction: Solaar Empire, Lumos Inquisition


Coming from a prestigious family, James Lorthol has always been in his father’s shadow, and though he tries break free and create a name for himself, constant rumors of his incompetence prevent others from taking him seriously.

Lorthol and his Tribune dress in black plate armour which they are rarely seen out of. His tribune is melee focused, with the majority wielding swords and hand crossbows.

History with the Party

When the party first encounters Lorthol he had just arrived in Reynor to offer assistance to the besieged townsfolk and deliver a decree from High Inquisitor Korban. Seeing the town had already been saved Lorthol sought out the party to congratulate them and size them up. Throughout this first encounter the party found the Inquisitor intimidating and generally thought him to be a bit of a dick. Once Lorthol had left the party learnt a little more about the rumors surrounding the Inquisitor.

The next time the Inquisitor was encountered was in the gypsy hamlet of Skal’ver where together they investigated a bizarre attack and discovered a possessed child. Together they exorcised the child and fought the daemon possessing her. With some minor assistance from the angel Asuriel the daemon was vanquished and the child was saved. Lorthol thanked the party for their help and rewarded them, even going so far as to inform Thunderwood on how to remove the Brand of Solis he recieved.

Inquisitor Lorthol

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